Armchair Samaritan Denver Furniture Donation

Armchair Samaritan

Whether you need it or just need it gone, we’re here to help!

Make A Real Change by Donating to a local Denver Charity

When you donate to Armchair Samaritan, you help provide for families including, single moms, military, elderly, other people in the Denver Metro area, and all along the front range. Armchair Samaritan helps with the donation, pick-up, transportation, and placement of large household goods such as furniture and pianos. These items are often expensive, difficult, or near impossible for individuals to move on their own. The same items are also often very expensive for people to purchase new. We make it our primary goal to help people as much as possible. In limited cases there may be a charge for some of our services, and we hope you will call us to learn more.

Armchair Samaritan offers these donated items at a very reasonably affordable price in comparison to a new retail or even a pre-owned purchase. We do our best to reasonably accommodate everyone that contacts us, whether they are donating or in need. Our small charitable organization has the flexibility to offer a wide variety of products or services to assist those in need, in a way that the large charities cannot match. Not only can we pick up and deliver the items, we can also offer removal of old items and move in/installation of delivered goods as well. Other services we offer include removal and repurposing of used items.

Pieces of furniture placed in new homes

Couches saved from landfill

Families served

How You Can Help

Furniture Donation

 We pick up furniture donations in the Denver metro area and all along the front range.

Piano Donation

We specialize in piano donations. We accept all types of pianos and use experienced piano movers.

Piano Storage

Sometimes you plan to keep a piano but don’t have the space or the use for a while. We offer piano storage for reasonable rates with pickup and delivery. 


Often the logistical challenges with acquiring large items are the biggest challenge people face. We deliver and provide extra help to those who need it most.


Contribute in one of many ways.


Volunteer your time to help give back to our communty.


Make a charitable donation to help fund our dreams to expand.


Help spread the word by being an advocate and recommending us to others.

Our Mission

“Our mission at Armchair Samaritan is to:

– Provide furniture and essential household items, large or small, to economically challenged families, single parents, military families, elderly people, and any other individuals in need in the Denver Metro area and Front Range

– Provide the moving, handling, transportation, and other services required by this process

– Do so safely, efficiently, and respectfully

– Save clients as much money as reasonably possible in the process

Armchair Samaritan

Why we do what we do

In the land of plenty there are still those who need help and we firmly believe that by serving others we create value within ourselves and our community. 

Our main goal

Is to HELP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, to go above and beyond and to show people that they are truly cared for by others. 

Our greatest reward

Is the multitude of heart felt smiles we place on faces, the sincere gratitude offered by our clients, and seeing the difference we make in peoples lives through the services we offer.