Furniture Donation in Denver

Don’t Want it? Don’t Need it? Donate it.

We accept a variety of furniture items for donation. We pick these items up free of charge and provide all the labor to remove them from your home making it quick and easy for you to get your  donations to people that need them.


Pieces of Furniture


Profit to Charity

We accept:

  • Most furniture, pianos, and other large household items which fits into our available space
  • Obsolete, outdated, or unusually heavy items on a case-by-case basis
  • Call, text, or email for further details!


We DON’T accept:

  • Broken, damaged,smelly, or incomplete items.
  • However we offer hauling services to dispose of such items.   Contact for pricing info.

Denver Furniture Donations + More

Donate Furniture

Donating your furniture to Armchair Samaritan is an easy way to support your community and help others while making it easy on yourself and getting a tax incentive at the same time .


If you would rather volunteer your time we are always looking for extra hands to help out.


Donating doesn’t have to be a furniture donation or a piano, we are actively seeking fiscal sponsors to help us expand our operations and serve more people on the front range.


Advocates are an important part of any small business but more especially a charity or community organization. We are grateful for all our referrals and recoemndations. 

Connecting Our Community Through Furniture Donations

Connecting our community through charity is at the heart of Armchair Samaritan. With our efforts toward furniture donation and other avenues, we hope to improve the lives of others in our community.

Connect The Community

At the heart of charitable donations is a sense of community and helping others.

Contribute to Charity

Contributing has multiple benefits, reach out today to learn more.

 Thousands of Pieces of Furniture Annually Makes an Impact

In our efforts to make as large an impact in the community as possible we help with the donation of thousands of pieces of furniture. Providing free pick-up and delivery.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Make a nice gesture with a charitable donation, and reap the benefit of a tax deduction. Armchair Samaritan is standing by to help with your upcoming furniture donation assistance.