Piano Disposal for Denver Colorado

Piano disposal in Denver Colorado for residents, businesses, and organizations. Armchair Samaritan is here to help, reach out today to learn more about our piano disposal services.

Piano Disposal Because Piano’s Deserve Proper Care

We offer a heartfelt goodbye for pianos on their way out and care for them until they’ve reached their final destination. We also offer to bring back a commemorative ensemble comprised of the piano brand plate and a number of keys that create a simple way for the memory of the instrument and or the loved ones that go with it, in a reasonable space.

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pianos often have a lot of sentimental value to people

Armchair Samaritan

At Armchair Samaritan we recognize that pianos often have a lot of sentimental value to people. Many times though, unfortunately these pianos have deteriorated to a point that they can no longer be used as a serviceable and tunable instrument. Which leaves them with only one unfortunate fate. Dealing with this situation regularly, we understand this delicate position people are put in. On one hand their piano can no longer be used as the beautiful instrument it was created to be, but on the other hand, no one wants to just throw their piano away. That’s where Armchair Samaritan steps in with the perfect option. We offer respectful, compassionate “burial services” for long lived pianos that need to find a final resting place. Our crew pays special attention to this and makes sure they take this into account as they pick up your piano for its final move.

We also understand that it is often the memory of the piano that is most important to people, so in humble commemoration of this we create a unique keepsake piece from each of the pianos we remove and mail it back to our customers. This completely unique piece of art, created from actual parts of your piano allows you to fill the same space in your heart while giving up the space in your home.


Armchair Samaritan - memory of the piano

Ground Level Removal From: $299

Upper or lower levels and piano size subject to additional costs

Armchair Samaritan - parts from your piano go to live on

NOTES: You can also find joy in the fact that many of the parts from your piano go to live on, such as the caster wheels, music rack, other reusable parts such as the piano bench, which will most likely have a small child sitting on it in front of their piano learning to play.