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Armchair Samaritan stays involved in the community through charity. We help others with their charitable donations. Piano donations are one of our primary services.

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Donating a piano is a way to share art with others while giving back and getting a tax deduction.


Volunteer time to help with our Denver charity by helping to pick up and deliver pianos in the Denver metro area.

Donate Directly

If you would rather donate directly to charity then visit our donations page. There are multiple ways to be a part of the process, piano donations or volunteering for piano delivery is just a part of it.


Be an advocate for charitable causes by making your voice heard in the community. Contribute in multiple ways.

Donating a Piano is Charity Through Music & Art

Pianos are often both a musical instrument and a piece of art. By donating your piano you will be sharing those values with others while receiving a tax deduction.

Musical Instrument Donation

Pianos are the most common form of musical instrument donation.

Artistic Donations

Donating art is a less common form of charitable contribution.

100’s of Piano Donations Annually Makes an Impact

We try to make a big impact in the community an

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Donate your piano today and make a difference for someone. Enjoy free pick up and delivery of your piano by Armchair Samaritan.


In the spirit of community, Armchair Samaritan holds a couple of annual events. Learn more.

Gift of Music – A Piano Drive

Annual Piano Dirve

Holiday Season Auction

Holiday Season Piano Auction

Moving Season Furniture Drive

Annual Furniture Drive

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