Denver Piano Donation

Piano Donation with free pick up in Denver, Colorado by Armchair Samaritan. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you donate your piano to a Denver charity.

Pianos To The People

Armchair Samaritan is one of the only charites specializing in pianos. Pianos are something that many families would like to provide for their children, but often the expense of purchasing one new or the difficulty of moving a pre-owned piano can make it seem impossible. 

That is where we step in!  By filling that gap, we prolong the life of these incredibly beautiful instruments, saving them from a life of neglect, or worse, the landfill. We help foster and spread the love of music in our homes and communities.

Pianos Donated

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Piano Donations & More

Donate A Piano

Donating a piano is a way to share the love of music with others while giving back and getting a tax deduction.


Volunteer time and help with our Denver charity by helping to pick up and deliver pianos in the Denver metro area.

Donate Directly

If you would rather donate directly to charity then visit our donations page. There are multiple ways to be a part of the process.


Be an advocate for music in your community. Whether you know someone who needs a piano or just needs one gone, we are here to help.

Donating a Piano is Charity Through Music & Art

Pianos are often both; a musical instrument, and a piece of art. They often have great sentimental value and many personal stories along with them. This is one of the things that makes receiving a piano such an honor and why we do what we do. By donating your piano you will be sharing those values with others while receiving a tax deduction for your generosity and kindness. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help with your piano donation, we even offer free pick up.

Piano Donation

Pianos are the most common form of musical instrument donation. Often because of their size and level of skill needed to move them safely. We use experinced movers who make it look easy so you can be confident it is done right.

Other musical instruments

Although pianos are the most common instruments donated, we accept almost all music instruments allowing you to pass on your beloved piece to another who will love and use it once again.

100’s of Piano Donations Annually Makes an Impact

We are making a huge impact all along the front range of Colorado by fostering the love of music in homes, schools, churches and many other places with our piano donation program.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life With Your Piano Donation

Donate your piano today and make a difference for someone. Enjoy free pick up or delivery of your piano by Armchair Samaritan. All pianos are inspected for quality and serviceability. We work closely with reputable piano tuners and technicians so once the piano finds a new home we can also offer the resources to ensure it will have a long life ahead, allowing many people to continue experiencing the joy of music.