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Armchair Samaritan has a wide variety of used pianos for sale in the Denver area. Reach out today to learn more about our current inventory of used pianos.


Used Pianos - Love and Appreciation

Love and Appreciation

The love and appreciation of music is a cornerstone of our society. The arts have arguably brought about more positive social change and individual enlightenment that any other form of human expression. This was the basis for the motivation at Armchair Samaritan to put used pianos for sale and then after to create our initiative which we named Pianos To The People.

“Pianos to the People”

ACS ‘Pianos to the People’ is your best place to get a quality used piano at an amazing price. All of our pianos include *free delivery and set up. We always have numerous pianos that we offer for little more than it costs to have one moved/delivered by a professional piano moving company. This offers people looking for the most inexpensive option the ability to buy a used piano with the confidence it has been inspected by a professional and will be an instrument that will meet the basic needs of its new owner. Armchair Samaritan has placed hundreds of pianos in family homes for young children to take lessons on as they start their musical journey by making the decision to get a piano for their child an easy and painless decision to make.

Used Pianos - Pianos to the People

Used Piano Store for a Beginner’s Budget

The “beginner’s budget” pianos at our piano store in Denver are completely cleaned and professionally inspected to ensure they are fully functioning and do not have any mechanical defects or structural flaws that would prevent them from being able to be serviced and tuned by a certified technician. We try to source the best pianos we can for our beginner budget options, so often times cosmetic blemishes and non-structural  defects may be overlooked in favor of mechanical condition, play-ability and tone. We also LOVE to pass along free lesson books especially for beginners and children. So if this is something that you can benefit from please let us know. We are also happy to throw in any other accessories that we may have such as a metronome, a piano light or bench cushion.

Beginner's Budget
Used Pianos - Something Nice

Want something a bit nicer? We offer many piano options for the more experienced or discerning pianist. We carry a variety of “premium” pianos like you would see at a high end retailer at a price no other piano retailer can match. This is because of the generosity of those who donate their beautiful instrument to ‘Pianos to the People’ simply because they believe in our cause and are moved at the thought of an aspiring musician sitting down at their piano to play.

Premium pianos are all fully cleaned and inspected and come with a detailed write up by a professional piano technician to ensure they are fully functioning and do not have any mechanical defects or structural flaws that would prevent them from being able to be serviced and tuned by a certified technician so they will provide many more years of reliable service.

To keep our prices as low as possible tuning is not included in the price of any of our pianos. However, we do have a list of tuners we recommend who give our customers preferred rates based on our referral.

Used Pianos - Costs and Options

ALL USED PIANOS ARE SOLD AS IS AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL  *Free delivery and set up is within a 15 mile range and for ground level only. No worries if you live farther away and want the piano placed on the 2nd floor loft… give us a call to discuss additional costs and options. We have a crew of friendly professional piano movers ready to assist.

A.B. Chase, Baldwin, Bergmann, Cable Nelson, Chickering, Everett, Ivers & Pond, Kawai, Kimball, Knabe, Kohler & Campbell, Krakauer, Mason & Hamlin, Pramberger, Remington, Schaffer & Sons, Schimell, Sohmer & Co, Steinway & Sons, Story & Clark, Weber, Wurlitzer, Yamaha, Young Chang

We carry all the most well known brand names like Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai, Steinway, Kohler & Campbell and much more.

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